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Yemen Haraaz Red A+ | Micro-Lot 8oz Whole Bean

Our Yemen Haraaz Red A+ has returned for a limited time only! 

Country: Yemen

Region: Haraaz Mountains 

Altitude: 1900-2440 Meters Above Sea Level (MAS)

Varietal: Tuffahi, Dawairi, Ismaili and Jaadi

Process: Natural Process (A+ red ripe cherries dried on roof tops)

Roast: Medium - Light 

Tasting Notes: Cherry Cordial with hints of plum and port wine, deep, lingering and intoxicating flavor and aroma with a syrupy mouth feel.

Who Should Drink it: Buy it for the value, exotic origin and the exotic cup.

Recommended Brewing Method: Chemex & Aeropress


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