Rare & Exotic: Colombia - La Cristalina Bourbon Natural - 12oz WHOLE BEAN

Super-Premium / Rare Micro-Lot 

Country: Colombia

Region: D/O Caldas

Producer: Luis Jose Valdez

Farm: Finca La Cristalina 

Elevation: 1650 MASL

Cultivar: Bourbon

Process: Natural Process

Roast: Med-Light

DonX Score: 96 / 100

Sensory Notes:The quintessential "fruit bomb" coffee. Candied Grape & Raspberry explode in the nose followed by tamarind, amber honey, lemon verbena and orange blossom - leading the way to an intricately structured acidity showcasing both malic & tartaric tendencies. The fruit sensation is enveloped delicately by sandalwood and exotic spice. The aromatics are supported by a lavish chocolate nougat laden mouth feel and short pleasant finish. Dynamic and exhilarating...

An exhilarating exotic fruit & floral sensation perfect for anyone who loves big and bold fruit forward red wines.  

**For well-heeled coffee adventurers who like all the fruit**

Recommended Brew Method: Chemex or Single Cup Pour Over 21g coffee, 12oz water, 198F. 

About the farm:

Finca La Cristalina maintains a focus on the environment and supporting biodiversity. Coffee is washed and depulped at the ecological mill, where coffee pulp is placed into compost treatment and is converted to organic fertilizer for the coffee trees. La Cristalina also uses various types of trees to shade the coffee plants. Many of these tree species—including walnut, red cedar, and guava—act as habitats for many types of birds around the farm. They also plant black cedar trees, a tree at risk of extinction, from its own nursery on the farm.

This Bourbon coffee was harvested with a minimum of 24 degrees Brix in preparation for Natural processing. The cherries are first manually sorted to remove any defects, and then fermented whole for 24 hours. The cherries are then dried at 30° C for up to 60 days under careful monitoring to ensure even drying. The cherries are milled once they reach a moisture content of 11%, finally being packaged for shipment.

This extreme attention to detail results in a deeply flavor saturated coffee.

**Note any items purchased in conjunction with this coffee will ship together, no split shipments at this time.