Elegance, perfection & refinement.

Tried and true, a classic approach to brewing an exceptional cup. The pour over is one of our preferred methods of brewing at home, on the go, or in a cafe environment.

 The Coffee: Most all coffees shine when brewed via this method. With this in mind - however, the pour over is a great way to reveal eccentric nuances and subtle complexities of lighter roasted coffees. Particularly ones which are Naturally processed or "Sun Dried / unwashed". We recommend our Yemen Haraaz Red, Camilina Geisha, Kenya Small Lot or our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for this method.

The Water: Filtered water with hints of magnesium for binding dissolved solids.

The Temperature: Ideal temperature for this will depend on the coffee and the brew location altitude. For a Lighter roast try 192 degrees F to 198 degrees F.

The Grind: Medium Fine

The Ratio: 21g coffee to 12oz water or 14g coffee to 8oz water (for a single cup)

What you are looking for: The pour over offers the benefit of a clean, silt free mouth feel and a deeply nuanced character and flavor.