Kenya Small Lot Reserve - Karatina AA 12oz WHOLE BEAN

One of our most popular coffees popular from Kenya is back!

In 2016 this coffee received a 95 point rating from Coffee Review and was number 9 on the top 20 coffees of the year! This coffee is elegant yet powerful, with beautiful classicism in the cup juxtaposed by vibrant exotic floral aromatics.

Producer: Karatina Cooperative

Origin:Nyeri County, Kenya 

Altitude:1200-1600 MASL

Cultivar(s): SL-28 & SL-34

Process: Washed / Sun-Dried 

Roast: Light

Sensory Notes: Deep yet profoundly sweet and floral. Orange zest, magnolia, lavender aromatics burst from the cup. Supported by a grandly sweet, yet lushly dry mouth feel and finish.

Recommended Brewing Method: Pour Over


8oz pour - 14g Coffee: 220g (mL) water

12oz pour - 22g Coffee : 340g (mL) water