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Port of Mokha | Al Khanshali Estates Nano-Lot 8oz Whole Bean


After nearly 5 years Port of Mokha returns with the very first offerings from Al-Khanshali Estates. In 2017 Dragonfly's founder Tamas Christman partnered with Mokhtar Alkhanshali to bring the world the first ever 97 point rated coffee from Yemen. We are thrilled to offer an equally exhilarating coffee experience from the rugged highlands and ancient birthplace of coffee - Port of Mokha...

Farm: Al-Khanshali I - Lot 17

Country: Yemen

Region: West Haraaz

Producer: Mokhtar Al Khanshali 

Altitude: 2300 Meters Above Sea Level (MAS)


Process: Sundried Natural -15 Days

Roast: Medium - Light 

Tasting Notes: Dried Orange, Black Tea, Honey, Floral - sweetly tart, and richly chocolate toned. Resolving with a resonant and luxurious mouth feel and lingering aftertaste. 

Who Should Drink it:A Yemen coffee lovers delight. Classic, yet uniquely exotic &  exhilarating.

Recommended Brewing Method: Chemex 

Mokhtar Alkhanshali—founder of Port of Mokha and the subject of Dave Eggers' 2018 NYT Best Seller 'the Monk of Mokha'—after 8 years of working with Yemeni coffee farmers, along with his team, is proud to launch Al-Khanshali Coffee Estates. Operating as a boutique coffee producer and importer, specializing in Yemen, Al-Khanshali Estates is launching this year with its first four farms; Al-Khanshali I, Al-Khanshali II, Al-Khanshali III and Al-Khanshali IV. The flagship farm, Al-Khanshali I is owned and operated by Mokhtar, with complete control over each step in the production process. The others function as partner farms, where Al-Khanshali Estates works intimately with the farmer and handles all of the processing. 

Al-Khanshali I is the flagship farm of Al-Khanshali Estates. While our partner estates undoubtedly produce exceptional coffees, Al-Khanshali I is the only estate that we have complete control over each step in the production. Located in West Haraz, it's both accessible and desirable for its unique microclimate and extreme high elevation. Our future plans for this flagship farm include an onsite coffee lab, a complete processing facility and an onsite mill. This farm gives us an unprecedented opportunity for experimental processing techniques, genetic R&D and so much more. We couldn't be more exited for this project to take shape. 



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