Port of Mokha - Hayma Micro Lot: Mohamed Hadi


Receiving an incredible and nearly unheard of 97 point review from Coffee Review! Making this coffee the highest scoring Yemen coffee in the history of Coffee Review! 

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We are extremely proud to introduce a incredible partnership, years in the making between Port of Mokha and Dragonfly Coffee Roasters. We are excited to announce this first arrival, and release of a one of a kind, extremely rare micro lot produced by Mohamed Hadi, from Hayma Yemen!

Port of Mokha: The Mokha Intervention

Despite the civil war in Yemen, Port of Mokha works with Yemeni communities to build a sustainable coffee economy and export shipments with the help of neighboring governments and NGOs. Their coffee trade empowers locals to rebuild their communities via economic stimulation and employment. Port of Mokha provides interest-free micro loans directly to cooperatives and farmers to fight predatory loan sharks and break the poverty cycle. These farmers earned 33%+ more than they ever had prior working in coffee. This allows Port of Mokha to present growing coffee as a viable substitute for farmers growing qat, a cash crop that uses 35% of Yemen’s water resources (Yemen is projected to run out of water as early as 2017) and is considered an illegal drug in most countries.

Flavor Notes:

A nearly celestial coffee experience. Expansive and immense, sparkling and transcendent. An effervescent acidity delightfully leads into an array of fruit, floral and spice notes. Strawberry, lilac, orchid, coriander, port wine, ginger, clove all burst from the cup in a harmonious orchestra. Supported by a long, rich chocolate toned body and smooth saturating finish.

A cup like no other. 

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