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Costa Rica Reserve - Las Lajas Geisha Natural 8oz WHOLE BEAN

Costa Rica - Micro Lot | Limited Release Geisha 


Origin: Costa Rica, Las Lajas Micro-Mill

Roast: Light

Process: Black Diamond Natural 

Cultivar: Geisha (also spelled Gesha) 
Sensory Notes: A multi-layered acidity with both a citrus punch and wine-like dryness lead into a creamy mid-palate sensation of strawberry and pomegranate both converging into rich notes of chocolate and caramel. A memorable and exotic cup at a fantastic price for the grand Geisha cultivar.  

Note: Any items ordered in conjunction with this coffee will ship together.

Black Diamond Natural Special Process:

What makes this process different from all the rest, is the intentional curing process.  It is still a Natural process, but the drying period takes between 15 to 22 days.

**Any item ordered in conjunction with this item will ship together**

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