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Elida Estate Catuai Sensory Bundle

For a limited time only we are offering these two world-class coffees grown deep in volcanic highlands of western Panama as a discounted sensory bundle. Enjoy nearly 40% off each of these extraordinary coffees when purchased together in this bundle ($17.50 / 12oz Bag).

Bundle Includes:

1 x 12oz bag Elida Estate Catuai Traditional Natural 

1 x 12oz bag Elida Estate Catuai ASD Natural 

Elida Estate Natural Dragonfly Lot:

Sensory Notes: A sweetly tart pineapple acidity is enveloped by notes of blueberry, whiskey-toned oak and spice; carried through with a long milk chocolate toned finish and resonant lavender-like mouth feel. This is a Dragonfly original, and favorite!

Elida Estate ASD Natural Catuai:

Sensory Notes: A complexly layered fruit sensation yielding; grape, candied orange, and ripe berry surrounded gracefully by perfumed floral notes. Sweet cream and chocolate carry into a lasting mouthfeel and finish. 


Limited time offer - while supplies last. 

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