Jamaica Blue Mountain GRADE 1 | 12oz - WHOLE BEAN


Feel the roast, smell the grind, get on up it's coffee time... IYKYK

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Coffee legend tells the tale of the French naval explorer named Gabriel de Clieu, who is widely given credit for transporting the first coffee plant from France to the island of Martinique in the Caribbean, but it is said that his coffee plant is the parent of the very first farms in the New World. Sir Nicholas Laws, the governor of Jamaica in 1725, allegedly bought seedlings that were descendants of de Clieu’s plant, thereby beginning the story of coffee in Jamaica.

FARM:Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory: Various small-holders.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is mainly produced by the Wallenford, Mavis Bank, Moy Hall, and Old Tavern Estates. It is consistently the highest-priced coffee in the world (outside of an auction system ie Panama Geisha and other COE coffees). A typical Jamaican farmer will pick his or her own "cherry-berry," and drop them off to these estates for processing and payment.

PROCESS: Fully Washed

Coffees in Jamaica are predominantly process in a Washed style, though the processed techniques will vary from producer to producer or estate to estate. Many coffees are picked ripe as "cherry berry"" and are delivered to an estate for milling

REGION:Saint Andrew Parish

Saint Andrew is one of the smallest parishes in Jamaica but is famous for its culture, music, and Blue Mountain coffee. The Blue Mountain range rises to 2,350 meters and experiences over 200 inches of rain per year, resulting in a climate ideal for coffee production. Producers, mostly smallholders, who cultivate coffee above 900 meters receive the certification of Blue Mountain Coffee. About 15,000 bags of Jamaican coffee is produced per year, 80% going to Japan. 

CULTIVAR: Blue Mountain, Geisha & Typica

Although this offering is not 100% traceable to a single variety, it is likely comprised of Blue Mountain, Gesha and Typica — which are the most commonly cultivated varieties in this region

ROAST: Medium

Sensory Notes: Classic & Refined - Sweet, creamy and delicate. A mild softly seated cherry-like acidity leads to tones of milk chocolate, kahlua, sweet cream and honey. Low toned and mellow. A perfect Jamaican coffee.

DonX Score: 94