Chiapas Micro-Lot | Finca Santa Cruz Natural 12oz WHOLE BEAN

Limited Edition Micro-Lot | Chiapas, Mexico

Finca Santa Cruz - Cup of Excellence Winner 1st Place 2019, 2021, 2022

FTO (Fair-trade organic) 

Farm:Finca Santa Cruz

Producer: Pepe Arguello 

Origin: Chiapas, Mexico 

Altitude: 1360-1750 MASL (Cafe De Altura)

Cultivar(s): Bourbon, Typica & Yellow Caturra


Drying Method: 25+ Days on raised beds 

Roast: Medium-Light 

Sensory Notes: Sweet & JuicyCantaloupe, Blackberry, Desert Blossom Honey...

Recommended Brewing Method: Chemex / V60 or Aeropress - however, it makes a fabulous Single Origin Espresso. Honestly, this coffee shines across the brew methods. 

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