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Mojave Vault Geisha - Dark Roast - 8oz WHOLE BEAN

A happy accident! 

Our mishap, may be your delight... Unintentionally we roasted a batch of a prized Costa Rica Geisha darker than normal. We were worried that it was lost, however - after we tasted it discovered it was the best dark coffee we have ever had. Traditionally we just don't think of Geisha as working well at a dark roast - due to its delicate flavors and aromatics. Well, we have been proven wrong. The remainder of this accident is now available to you as a one time only limited edition - Dark Geisha...

Origin: Costa Rica

Roast: Med-Dark

Cultivar: Geisha or Gesha

Sensory Notes: Dark Cherry, Molasses and Red Currant - Bold & Sweet 

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