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Panama Geisha - Elida Estate Green Tip ASD - 4oz WHOLE BEAN


This iconic luxury coffee has returned - Reservations are now open. 

The first coffee ever to receive a 98 point rating on Coffee Review. As seen on the popular Showtime Series "Billions" Elida Estate Geisha has become synonymous with excellence showcasing the very best of what is possible in Geisha coffees.

Green Tip Geisha - Elida Estate - Boquete, Panama

From the Best of Panama Winner 2018, 2019, 2022 (Panama Cup)

Cultivar: Green Tip Geisha


Harvest: 2022

Process: Anaerobic Slow Dry (ASD) Natural 

Roast: Light

Sensory Notes: Exotic & Original; Peach candy, star fruit, jasmine, honeysuckle, sweet cream & milk chocolate. Sparkling citrus acidity leads through a deeply sweet and gloriously resonant mouth feel and finish - intoxicating in its presentation. A complexly interlaced, yet harmoniously structured Geisha coffee. An adventure in every cup! 

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4oz Whole Bean Geisha Arabica 

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