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Tanzania AA - 12oz WHOLE BEAN

Tanzania AA Igale Coffee Club Limited Release

Shipping Thursday June 8th, 2023

Origin: Tanzania - Africa

Roast: Medium-Light

Sensory Notes: Sweet & Refreshing : 

An exemplary classic fully washed Tanzanian coffee. Fruit and candy-like floral aromatics open the show. The cup is sweet and clean with lavishly layered tones of blackberry, honey & red currant. A booming yet balanced grapefruit-like acidity leads into a smooth chocolate toffee laden mouth feel and lingering finish.

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What is the Igale Coffee Club? By purchasing this coffee we are all working together to help foster sustainable coffee agriculture in Tanzania.

The coffee club is a very cool initiative by our friends at NKG East Africa. 

Coffee Clubs are designed to foster entrepreneurship and create sustainable livelihoods for producers by providing youth in coffee growing regions the knowledge of agronomical practices and financial literacy.

Coffee clubs are established in high schools located close to farmer groups that are part of our supply chain with the objective of engaging youth in coffee production. In the face of limited employment opportunities, they journey to provide them with the skills and knowledge to make coffee farming a viable source of income.

Under guidance from trained agronomists, the students who are members of the Coffee club will establish a coffee nursery and demonstration farm at their respective schools. Each member will also be given 20 seedlings to plant on their parents’ farm. The student is responsible for the upkeep of the plants and will receive all proceeds from the sale of the coffee. We believe that a methodology that involves learning by doing is vital for the success of this initiative.

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